About Top Table Tips - Wedding Speeches

There is a mountain of information out there on being a groom or best man. Our goal was to create single and concise books ("The Entertaining Groom" and "The Funny Best Man") that clearly
summarize the key responsibilities involved, and also contain a great selection of jokes that will entertain your audience. We believe the framework in our books will help deal with any dread of having to give a speech and it may even make the process of writing and delivering the speech an enjoyable one.

Don't spend hours searching online and reading dozens of books — we did that for you.
We guarantee our books available on Amazon contain the best material available to make your speech entertaining.

We also wanted to give something back and, for each book purchased, we will donate $1 to Oxfam to help people in need.

Stewart & Iain.

If you are interested in purchasing our books, the links to Amazon are provided below.  The books are available in Kindle or Paperback.


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